Quiz: Which Crystal Represents Your Soul?

If your soul were a gemstone, which would it be? Considering that planet earth produces and shares with us such a huge variety of beautiful stones, how could you narrow it down to just one? Fortunately for you, the scientists have put their heads together to formulate this majestic quiz that is capable of determining exactly which stone would appear if your soul were to magically transform into one.

First, they used the massive amount of data available on the internet to design a computer program that is capable of modelling the human soul, allowing them to turn the soul into anything. For example, they could take Jane Smith’s soul and turn it into a tree. But it wouldn’t be just any tree, because the unique traits of Jane’s soul are more similar to an oak tree than any other. In the same way, they are able to turn Jane’s soul into a stone and find out which one is most similar to her soul.

Once they perfected that step, they reverse engineered a series of questions, often referred to as a “quiz”, that would flawlessly determine any person’s soul stone. Is your soul like pyrite, golden in lustre and attracting abundance? Is it like jade, a gem that has been known since ancient times to be a powerful charm that brings good luck? Maybe your grounded personality resonates with obsidian, or are you overflowing with unconditional love, just like rose quartz? Take the quiz and find out!

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