What Door Would You Pick? The Answer Will Determine Your True Personality.

This quick and easy visual personality test is a fun and completely different type of way to discover more about yourself. All that you have to do is pick which door appeals the most to you and the one that you would really like to step through to see what’s on the other side! It’s that simple and yet these types of image choice tests are designed to uncover certain aspects related to an individual’s character, mental, and psychological features.

In a sense, people are just like doors, in that they conceal entire portions of their lives behind a walled, closed off exterior. Sometimes they shut the door and lock things away until something comes along and draws it out of them. Doors can be a metaphor for many things and for this quiz, the door you choose is really a reflection of your own personal tastes!

In turn, your expressive style is directly related to your personality because it’s linked to general traits and characteristics which are associated with each kind of style. For illustrative purposes, take for example those who pick doors reminiscent of ones which would likely be leading into a hotel suite.

They are likely to be minimalists who prefer functionality over everything else. They hate being around clutter, are highly organized, and up to speed on the latest and greatest inventions or trends. Then there are those who pick doors to another dimension, an art gallery, a fortress, a factory floor, even Mr. Gatsby’s villa, and they all represent traits that you likely exhibit strongly!

Try this out, even if you’re skeptical of things like this because it’s a fun way to see what may be hidden inside your mind. Simply pick the doors below which appeal the most to you and then read what your choices have to say about your true personality!

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