How Old Are Your Ears? Find Out.

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Our ears are very delicate sensory organs that do not have the ability to regenerate, which means that when our hearing starts to go, it can’t and won’t get any better. Loud noises and time are the two factors mainly responsible for hearing loss and the older you get, the worse your hearing becomes.

To understand the basics of hearing loss, you first need to know how we hear in the first place. Hearing is possible because of thousands of teeny tiny hair cells that line the inner ear. They pick up the many different sounds and frequencies coming in and signal those to the brain where they get processed, sorted, and made sense of.

As we grow older our ears are continually being bombarded with loud noises. Those sounds can bend and break the hair cells in our ears and eventually end up destroying them. The ability to hear higher frequency sound waves goes first because the hairs that pick them up are the first to encounter them, which leads to the hairs wearing down and degrading faster.

This is often the reason why you have to raise your voice and shout around many older people. They’ve lost their high frequency hearing from all the noise they’ve been exposed to over the years. Now they have to rely on their lower frequency hearing, which means we have to speak louder.

This quiz offers you a simple way to test how old your hearing is right now. All you need is speakers so turn your volume up and follow along to the video to see what frequencies you’re able, or unable, to hear. Pass this along to someone who you think could really use it!

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