Quiz: How Old Will You Be When You Die? Find Out Below.

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Benjamin Franklin once famously wrote in a letter, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While his remarks were made in reference to the relatively new constitution of the United States at the time, they work just as well in many other contexts. That’s because the sentiment rings true across the board. Everyone gets taxed at some point in life, even if you actively try to avoid paying them. Whenever you purchase just about anything, whether it be gas, food, alcohol, clothing, or a ticket, you end up paying some type of tax on it. As for death, clearly no one here on Earth is getting out of that one.

Death is the most permanent, inescapable, and mysterious thing that we all have to eventually face. No one knows exactly what it may even begin to entail and that’s why it’s often viewed with trepidation. While it may come at virtually any given moment, no one can ever be certain as to when exactly they will die.

But what if there was a way in which you could find out at what age you will end up dying at? Would you even want to know, or would you rather live in blissful unawareness of the impending date? This quiz will attempt to guesstimate the age you may end up passing away at and while it is by no means one-hundred percent accurate, it is an interesting and fun take on a topic that’s usually dark and dreary. It takes into account a variety of factors that have to do with your lifestyle, the preferences, and choices you make.

The questions asked here range from what you prefer to eat and drink to whether or not you smoke, and if you party or like meeting new people. Even the other more seemingly random questions, like what your favorite season is, are all designed to help determine and calculate approximately when you might die. Based on both the prior mentioned factors and additional ones, this quiz will try to guesstimate the age you will live to. Try it now and just have fun with it, enjoy!

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