What Olympic Sport Should You Compete In According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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What Olympic sport do you think you would excel at? There are over 40 different sports represented at this years summer Olympics is Rio, Brazil, which gives you a whole lot to choose from!

The options are quite diverse. There’s the popular sports that receive a lot of media coverage and the lesser-known ones that you might not even know exist! Think beyond the main draws which include gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball, track and field, diving, and soccer to instead explore the more obscure sports such as trampoline, handball, judo, canoeing, and badminton. They all span a wide range of physical and mental strengths, with each sport requiring its own certain abilities from athletes.

One way to answer the aforementioned question is by basing it on your zodiac sign! Our zodiac signs encompass all of our strengths and weaknesses, our character and personality traits, our passions and pitfalls, and our degree of sociability. These aspects can be compared and contrasted against each and every Olympic sport to determine which one we would be our absolute best at!

All that work and examination has already been done in advance and if you’d like to know which sport you should play based on your zodiac sign simply scroll down below. Click on your sign to reveal your results and learn about why it’s the best fit for you!

What sport did you get? let us know in the comments

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