Can You Pass The DOT Test?

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Out of all the main senses we have, vision is perhaps the most widely used and depended upon one. We rely on our eyesight from the moment we wake up in the morning and open our eyes to the minute we go to bed at night and close them. It’s crucial and vitally important that we do our best to maintain our vision and that means checking and testing it out periodically.

There are many different types of eye tests and new ones are constantly being developed. Certain ones can evaluate how well your eyes focus, adjust, differentiate, and interpret the sights and pictures they’re taking in. Others test an individual’s ability to see colors, shapes, letters, numbers, distances, and many other similar types of factors.

The most famous eye test of all is the Snellen chart test that you probably had to take every year back in grade school. It involves reading a line of black letters off of a white chart while standing a distance of 20 feet away. If you were able to read all the letters correctly it meant you had 20/20 vision.

While most people assume that 20/20 vision is equal to having “perfect” vision, that’s not the case. It actually means one is able to see what a normal person should be able to see while standing 20 feet away, meaning they have the visual acuity of the average person.

As mentioned above, the Snellen chart is the most familiar type of vision test, but there are many alternative ways to screen and evaluate eyesight. This quiz is one of them and it uses colored dots and subtle variation to ascertain how well your eyes work.

See if you can spot all of the hidden letters in each of the pictures and find out whether or not you can pass the quiz!

Did you pass? let us know!

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