Quiz: Only The Most Perceptive People On The Planet Can Spot All The Ghosts In The Mirror.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 7.30.28 PMimage via – playbuzz.com

This eerie new haunted mirror illusion is tripping people up left and right! The ornate antique mirror that you see here is said to be haunted by the spirits of those who have passed on from this Earth. If you stare at it for just five seconds the hidden ghosts, faces, and images of the departed will suddenly begin to creep into your field of vision.

Whatever freaky things you end up seeing all depends on your perception. People claim to have glimpsed a variety of different things, from hands to faces, even a cow, and more! That’s because our perceptual abilities vary widely as to how strong and fine-tuned they are. Visual perception takes place not only in our eyes, but in the mind and brain as well. The things we see and take in are identified, processed, and classified internally so that we can make sense and sort through all of the incoming sensory information.

This, in turn, is why and how perception allows us all to have different perspectives of life and the world around us. How we see things and what we remember is further determined by our personal experiences and subconsciousness. We tend to both consciously and unconsciously pick up on overt and subtle visual cues, and so how we perceive reality and life in general turns out to be quite subjective.

This mirror illusion offers you an easy way to test how perceptive you really are. According to Playbuzz, there are more than five different hidden images that have been discovered so far in the baroque style mirror. If you are able to see all five of them, then not only are you highly perceptive, you’re also among the 1 in 8 people who can actually spot them! It only takes five seconds to stare into the mirror so try it now and see what you see!

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