Does Your Personality Actually Match The Date Of Your Birth?

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Some people have a strong belief that personality characteristics correspond to your zodiac sign, while others reject the validity of astrology.  Whether you believe in it or not, there has actually been quite a number of scientific studies, that have found significant correlation between the season you were born in and your disposition for life.

Those being born in the summertime, tend to have a sunnier disposition than those born during the winter months.  The experiments suggest that there is a dramatic effect on the speed of a person’s body clock, from the season of birth; for instance being born during the winter leads to a slower moving body clock which affects health and personality.

The theory for the affects of season on personality comes from studies of mice who were exposed to different amounts of light in the first few months of life, mimicking the amount of daylight of the long summer conditions and shorter daylight hours of winter.  Then some mice were kept in the same light cycle of their first few months, while others were switched to the opposite one.  Finally they were all immersed in darkness to see how they would cope.

The Journal of Nature Neuroscience reported that the mice raised in summer conditions adjusted well to the darkness, while the winter raised mice showed difficulty in maintaining a daily routine.  Researcher Professor Douglas McMahon analogized these results to human patients who suffer from “seasonal affective disorder”.

While there is strong evidence that the amount of light an infant is exposed to in the first few months of life affects mood, further research needs to be done to assess how soon this biological clock is set and whether the effect of season and exposure to light in early months, is temporary or permanent. Other studies are looking at the effect of month of conception on mood and intelligence.

All this being said, the quiz you are about to take below looks at 4 factors relating to your birth, and whether they actually affect your personality; they are: THE DECADE OF YOUR BIRTH; THE SEASON YOU WERE BORN IN; THE DAY YOU WERE BORN and the TIME FRAME OF YOUR BIRTH.

I found the results to correspond well with their calculation of my personality characteristics.  Some of the personality types presented are: CREATIVE AND POSITIVE, SHY AND OBSERVANT, POSITIVE AND KIND and INDEPENDENT and RESOURCEFUL.  After you take the quiz let us know whether the results of your personality type  match the conditions of your birth.

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