What Psychic Ability Do You Possess Based On The Colors You’re Drawn To?

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In the following quiz you are about to take below, you will be presented with a series of photographs. There are many different colors in each picture, as well as variations on the hue of different colors. For each photo you will be presented with 6 colors that appear in each one, and you will pick the color you are most drawn to.

Some colors appear in the center, others on the periphery and so on. Where the color appears in each picture,
the color itself, the object that contains the color etc. all go into the analysis of what psychic ability you possess
based on the colors you are drawn to.

Clearly there are no right or wrong answers. Try not to think too much when you respond; going with your “gut-level” response will yield a more accurate analysis of your abilities. Do you think you might be sensitive to peoples’ AURAS?; allowing you to easily assess someone’s personality, health state or intentions?

Or are you capable of ASTRAL PROJECTION?; that you have a really heightened sense of consciousness reaching states of mind through meditation that are usually achieved by yogis. Do you have CLAIRVOYANT abilities, often perceiving things around you that others don’t, and may think are a bit crazy?

Enjoy the quiz and let us know if you think it has come close to what psychic abilities you may have.

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