Quiz: What Rose Color Matches Your Personality?

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Roses have steadily held the top spot as one of humankind’s favorite flowers throughout the ages. The beautiful blooms have long been viewed as universal symbols of love, beauty, and unity, even before Greek and Roman times.

There are hundreds of different species and thousands of varieties of them which have been cultivated and hybridized. This has led to roses of all colors, sizes, and scents, from ones that are miniature and bushy to others that climb many feet in height. Their flower petals come in classic shades of red and pink, as well as every other you could possibly imagine.

Rose colors are often associated with different meanings and symbolism. A red rose is the most well known example, symbolizing love, romance, and affection. Beyond that, other colors are also associated with different emotions, feelings, characteristics, and personality traits and there is a whole wealth of information about what different colors represent.

We equate white with peace, yellow with happiness and friendship, green with nature, blue with tranquility, black with death, and so on. In terms of a person’s personality, every shade one is unconsciously drawn to, or intentionally chooses, can reveal a little bit more about them.

Furthermore, regardless of whether or not you are conscious of it, colors are constantly affecting our moods and influencing our behaviors in subtle ways. In recent years color psychology, the study of how different colors impact our feelings, attitudes, and choices, has steadily grown.

Studies show a variety of interesting effects that different hues of the light spectrum appear to have on human behavior and perception. One well known example is that males see women as more attractive when they wear red outfits. However, the opposite doesn’t ring true and women don’t see the color of a man’s outfit as a factor affecting their level of attractiveness.

There are many different ways in which colors affect our behavior and personalities. The meanings behind rose colors can be matched to personality types and is fun to explore. Take this quiz to find out what color rose matches your personality and see if it rings true!

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