What Does Your Eyebrow Shape Reveal About Your Personality?

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Beauty trends come and go and one of the most recent major ones has to do with our eyebrows. In the recent past thin, over-plucked brows were in vogue but the pendulum has since swung sharply to the opposite side.

These days having big, full, bold, and well defined eyebrows is all the rage and so people are filling them in with brow pencils and other specialty makeup to achieve the look. Others have gone to even greater lengths and have undergone micro-blading, a new method of applying semi-permanent make-up with a sharp blade and pigments rubbed into the upper layers of the skin.

While the bold “power brow” look of the moment seems to be here to stay, not everyone is buying into it. For many of us, our natural shaped eyebrows are just fine and we don’t feel the need to alter them in any way. They are all part of what gives us character and makes us expressive.

In fact, how a person chooses to style their eyebrows, or not style them, can tell us little things about them. It shows how they like to present themselves and what trends or looks they like enough to follow.

However, it’s the natural shape of our eyebrows, the ones we were originally born with, that can reveal much more about all of our personalities. Just as how different colored eyes and the shape of our hands and feet have been linked with different traits and characteristics, so has our eyebrow shape!

The associations between personal attributes and brows may not be based in actual science, but they do come from hundreds, if not thousands, of years of observations. Over the course of time people have picked up on the most common quirks that different eyebrow shaped individuals seem to share in common.

All of those findings and traits have been collected and compiled in this quiz here, and from them a general personality overview has been formed. That way you can easily find out what your own eyebrow shape reveals about your personality!

Simply look at the images below and choose the one letter that best matches the natural shape of your eyebrows. What you find out may just surprise you, so go ahead and see what your eyebrows say about you!

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