This Short Test Will Determine Your Actual Mental Age

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The old saying that age is just a number has some truth to it, especially when you look at age in light of certain characteristics. You can approach the topic of age in terms of how old one looks or feels, their health, abilities, cognitive function, and so on.

As it turns out, when it comes to our mental age, our actual birth-based age may not match up with it! That’s because over the course of our lives each and every one of us has developed our own unique mental abilities, which has in turn resulted in all of us possessing different types of intelligence. While all of that may sound like a mouthful, in all honesty it’s actually quite simple to understand how this can be so.

From the day we are born we start the learning process. It’s not just school or classes that teach us what we need to know, that’s more of a baseline type of knowledge that we are given. Instead, people tend to pick up much of what they know through real life experiences. It’s the hands on, immersive, true life trials and tribulations that individuals go through which shapes and molds their brains the most.

Aging year after year does not automatically give you intelligence or abilities. Rather, it’s how you progress and learn from whatever it is that life sends your way. That’s what sets us all apart from one another and makes some people appear to be wise beyond their years, while others may be emotionally or cognitively stunted in their growth.

As we learn, we grow, and vice-versa. As we grow, we learn. Every passing year is a chance to meet new people, try new activities, and explore the things that interest us the most. All of these such types of things are what add to our mental intelligence.

In the end, how old your mental age truly is may be quite different and years away from your actual birth age. Take a minute to ponder over how old you think your mental age really is. Once you have a general idea, take this quiz to see if your estimate is spot on, or even close to correct!

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