Quiz: This Beautiful Color Test Will Reveal If You Are An Introvert Shy Or Just Hate People

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Do you avoid social situations because they make you feel uncomfortable and awkward or do you simply prefer being alone over being with others? Perhaps the reason you choose to keep to yourself is much deeper and darker than you ever imagined, and it turns out that you really just hate people.

This beautiful color test will determine exactly what your deal is. The answer you get will tell you whether or not you’re an introvert, a shy soul, or if you actually truly despise others!

While and an introvert is most typically viewed as a shy person, there are subtle differences that set the two apart. Introverts don’t mind socializing and are often quite friendly. However, they tend to find being around people for too long draining and dispiriting.

They like to retreat into their heads because they’re thinking about all sorts of interesting things that are always filling their thoughts and occupying their minds. In comparison, shy people only ever really feel comfortable around a few close friends and already familiar faces. They don’t enjoy socializing at all, but at the same time they don’t necessarily hate people either.

To know definitively which one of the three types you fall under, press the “Let’s Play!” button below to begin the quiz. The colors that you pick up on and are most drawn to in the series of striking images will be examined at the end of it all to determine your results.

See if the answer you get reflects your belief on which one you are!

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