What Is Your Subconscious Secretly Obsessed With According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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There is nothing like photographs to tap into the deeper, less conscious parts of your brain. The quiz that you are about to take does a great job of getting to your subconscious self. You will be presented with a series of photographic choices and a question that will ask you which one has a particular association.

For instance, you will be asked to pick a photo that: is the HAPPIEST image; one that evokes memories of CHILDHOOD; the one that makes you feel NOSTALGIC; one that evokes LONELINESS; an image amongst others that you deem to have the BEST COLORS; a picture that brings you back to PAST RELATIONSHIPS and finally it will ask you to just pick a picture that appeals to you.

An analysis of your responses will be calculated.  Could it be concluded, that your subconscious is obsessed with the FEAR of LOSING SOMEONE; perhaps you have experienced early loss or forms of abandonment that have led to this fear dominating your psyche.

It could be that the responses you choose will conclude that you are obsessed with NATURE; perhaps you have always had a strong connection with animals and nature leading to an insatiable need for adventure that involves communing with nature.

You may have an entirely different analysis or one of the above. Let us know if the results of this quiz resonate with how you, and others, perceive your deeper essence.

First answer what Zodiac Sign you are, then take the quiz below to find out what your subconscious is secretly obsessed with!

What is your subconscious obsessed with? Let us know

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