Which Time Period Do YOU Belong In?

Do you ever get the feeling you were born at the wrong time? Maybe you feel you would have made a fantastic knight, just like Don Quixote felt about himself. Do you see paintings from the Renaissance and wish you were there to experience that magical era firsthand? Would you feel right at home during the exciting revolutionary era in the soon-to-be United States of America? Or would you feel most at home as a noblewoman in a medieval court?

It is incredible how much variety of human experience we have seen just in our recorded history. Our beautiful planet earth might have taken over 4 billion years to develop into the wonder we see today, which is young compared to the universe, estimated to be almost 14 billion years old! Humans, a mere 200,000 years old, have only been around for the blink of an eye compared to the ancient cosmos in which we find ourselves. Only a fraction of the past of humanity has been recorded, about 5,000 years.

Yet, the richness contained within that short time is absolutely stunning. The breakneck pace at which our modern world operates can certainly tempt us to wish we lived at a different time, but one of the advantages our modernity offers us is access to detailed information about many of the eras that have come and gone before us. Through our ever-stimulated imaginations, we can live vicariously in five different ages before lunch.

Take this quiz to find our which time period you belong to, and let us know your results in the comments! 🙂

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