QUIZ: What Type Of Brain Do You Actually Have?

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The human brain is an incredible organ, and one which we still know little about. Some of the information that scientists have uncovered about it is fascinating and puts how amazing the brain truly is into perspective. For example, our brains can process information as fast as 268 miles per hour and generate between 10-23 watts of power, which is enough energy to power a light bulb! Our brains are what makes us an intelligent species and gives us the ability to learn and think.

Not all brains function alike and there are many different ways in which humans use their brain power. However, when it comes down to it there are only several possible brain types that people have and these can be broadly grouped into the general categories of either philosophical, logical, creative, linguistic, musical, and emotional.

What type of brain you have influences your life and determines your mental ability, which is how you learn and retain knowledge. Even though this all sounds very straightforward, it’s not. How we learn is complex and varies wildly from one individual to another. Some people approach new things and problems in a creative or hands on manner, while others are more logical. Then there are those people who analyze every situation and possible outcome to it.

Some people are more emotional in their approach to situations and challenges, and they react based on how they feel. Generally speaking, how you learn, solve problems, interact with others, go through life, and much more is determined by the type of brain you have.

People often self identify as having either a logical, creative, or other such type of brain, depending on what they assume they match up the closest with in terms of the traits they believe they exhibit. However, what type of brain you have can better be determined through less biased means. This quick quiz can quickly reveal your brain type, and the results may surprise you.

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