QUIZ: What Type Of Introvert Are You?


Introverts are typically viewed as shy people who usually keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. This broad, general type of behavior is the polar opposite of how extroverts act, which is when a person is more social and outgoing than not. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung first coined and defined the terms back in 1913 and in the years since many misconceptions surrounding introverts have arisen. The most prevalent belief, that’s wrong, is the misunderstanding that introverts are sad loners who shun society and have no friends. While some people certainly do fit in line with that stereotype, the majority of others are not hermits and instead live highly complex, active, and social lives.

As society has rapidly shifted and changed over the years, the concepts and beliefs surrounding the whole idea-system of introversion have evolved right along with it. No one person fits exactly into the mold or definition of what it means to be an introvert. There are many different nuances and people often change as they grow and gain new experiences and perspectives on things.

All of the different introvert types have been broken down and categorized generally into the following six types; which do you think best describes you?

The Champion- very smart, unique, and has a vast intellect that helps them to create and invent
The Artist- non-conformist and multi-talented with an eye for change and natural expression
The Mastermind- determined, strong and inspiring, while also very guarded and private
The Protector- emotionally complex, social, outgoing, kind and yet paradoxical
The Healer- understanding, spiritual, altruistic, calm and relaxed
The Architect- knowledgeable, hands on, intuitive, and enjoys teaching others

Work through the following 25 questions to gain a better understanding of which type you really are. The statements comprehensively cover your thoughts and views on a wide variety of topics, situations, and subject matter. The answers you provide will tell you whether or not you are the type of introvert you think you are, so click the “Let’s Play” button to begin!

What type of introvert are you? let us know in the comments below

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