Quiz: What Does The Way You Perceive Color Reveal About You?

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We live in a world that is filled with every shade of color imaginable. Even if you can’t discern the variations, every color you lay your eyes on is unique and different from the next. The tone, saturation, texture, opaqueness, and so on can affect the vibrancy of each hue in the most minuscule, nanoscopic way possible. That’s one part of what makes us each see colors in our own personal way.

Another factor that affects the way we see colors is our personality. Colors interplay strongly with our behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. They have the power to help cheer us up or make us feel down, sad, and blue. Usually we are completely unaware of the effect that they have on us because it’s so subtle and constant. Even so, the way you see colors can reveal a lot about you.

By exploring the way an individual differentiates between slight color-shade associations, their overall outlook on life can even be uncovered and revealed. When it comes to outlooks on life there are many categories but the three main ones we are focused on here are optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic. Optimists look on the brighter side of life, they occupy their minds with mostly positive thoughts. That’s why they often appear happy, smiling, content, and more satisfied than their counterparts. Their attitudes are lighter and they tend to believe they’re in control of their lives.

In comparison, realists look at the world and everything in it exactly as they see them and for what they are. They don’t think in overly positive or negative ways and prefer to think rationally and logically instead. They like to examine all sides of a situation before deciding upon it and are more calculated in determining their thoughts and actions.

Finally, pessimists focus more on the darker side of life and think more negatively about the big picture. They worry a lot because they feel nothing is under their control, yet at the same time they both expect and prepare for the worst so that in the end nothing really surprises them. While the term pessimist brings doom and gloom to mind, they are not the miserable souls many mistakenly assume them to be.

You can figure out which one you identify the strongest with through this quiz. It uses color psychology to help determine how optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic of a person you may be. Simply work your way through the easy color questions to get your results, it’s that easy! Enjoy!

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