In Which Way Do You Think According To Your Senses?

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Over thousands of years, humans have evolved the skills that are necessary to read and interpret the world around them. The way we perceive our surroundings is complex and we use all of our senses to pick up on, and make sense of, all the stimuli that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

How each person thinks can be broken down into several different categories based on what senses they use and rely on the most. For example, some people are very visual and think in colors and images. They first notice how people and objects appear and tend to have very active imaginations and strong, detailed memories.

In contrast, others are more auditory oriented and instead think in sounds and rhythms. They are excellent listeners and can easily pick up on all the layers of different sounds around them. Then there are those who think in tastes and smells. The notice and interpret the world around them more in terms of physical sensations and remember how situations and memories made them feel physically. When they get a whiff of something they often have flashbacks to memories associated with that smell and can almost even taste it.

When it comes down to the basics, we both consciously and unconsciously pick up on overt and subtle clues with all of our senses whether we notice it or not. Each person uses their vision, hearing, and sense of touch, taste, and smell to judge situations and remember certain things.

This sense-oriented perception quiz is a quick and easy way to discover how you think in terms of either colors, vibrations, or physical sensations. It’s a fun way to explore the topic and to see how you use your senses. Try it now and figure out which one is your strongest!

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