This Is The Reason Why You Should Never Reboil Your Water!

When we boil water in a kettle for coffee or tea, most us never use all the water.  Then we think nothing of reboiling the water when we are ready.  Who would ever have thought that reboiling that water, if it comes from the tap, presented a serious health hazard?!

The reason for this danger is that when water is boiled, it’s chemical makeup is changed, which initially is a good thing; germs are killed.  However, when reboiling occurs the dissolved gases and minerals that have been chemically changed become toxic.

The chemical alterations cause  deleterious health effects from arsenic, nitrates and fluoride. Even minerals that are good for us in smaller amounts, such as calcium salts, can become quite harmful when they amass due to reboiling.  This can lead to kidney stones and gallstones.

Nitrates turn into nitrosamines when ordinary water is reboiled, making them carcinogenic.  Similarly, arsenic becomes more abundant in reboiled water which can result in cancer, heart disease, developmental disorders in children as well as neurological problems.  The same can be said of Flouride.

Click the video below, for further discussion of why water should never be reboiled.

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