How Similar Are You to Your Mom?

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“Like mother, like daughter” is a common saying that means daughters resemble their mothers. While many children do look like their mother in terms of physical appearance, there are other deeper levels in which connections are made.

You may find that over time your mother influenced your opinions and outlook on life, and her viewpoints weigh heavily in the decisions and choices you make. Maybe you share the same tastes and sense of style with your mom, and are always borrowing her clothes, or perhaps you liked to play dress up in them when you were younger.

Not every girl turns out like their mother. Some of us actually look more like our father’s and instead inherit our mother’s mannerisms, attitudes, and personalities. Then there are those who are complete opposites and have wholly different tastes, opinions, and styles that set them apart from their mother.

While you are not very similar to her, it’s easy to appreciate the differences and love her nonetheless. There are endless ways in which we are different and the same as our moms, yet we will always be attached to them no matter what we go though. Maybe you are you turning into your mom and maybe you aren’t.

If you want to see how similar you really are to your mom take this quiz, and as always have fun and enjoy!

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