They Say If You Can Spot The Lady In This Photo In Under 5 Seconds, Your I.Q. Is Higher Than Normal

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The amazing capacity of BODY PAINTING to camouflage, was amplified by one artist who painted jeans on a model; she was actually able to walk down the streets of Manhattan with no pants, without being noticed!  Another artist from Germany,  Jorg Dusterwald, has become a sensation on social media, for being able to challenge viewers to find painted camouflaged people within a larger picture.

Many of her works have stumped people trying to discern hidden painted humans, but one in particular has gone viral…she has camouflaged a woman in the following picture, in this autumnal photo that is truly captivating.  If you can spot the woman camouflaged in the picture, in less than 5 seconds, you probably have an above average IQ!

Let us know if you found her in the picture and how long it took you; honestly it took me well over 5 seconds!  It’s really fun and challenging and exemplifies the incredible ingenuity of this kind of artistry.

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