Scientists Reveal That Everyone With Blue Eyes Has THIS 1 Strange Thing In Common!

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I have always been fascinated with ancestory, anthropology and how genes combine to manifest our physical traits.  I knew that physical characteristics in different regions of the world have evolved due to adaptation to differing environments, but I must say that I was really shocked to find out about the origins of blue eye color.

Thousands of years of civilization and evolution account for most physical characteristics.  One characteristic that scientists were mystified by was when the appearance of blue eyes occurred in the evolutionary process.  In unlocking this mystery the researchers had to go back 128 generations!

As you will hear in the fascinating video you are about to watch below, up until 10,000 years ago all humans were brown-eyed.  A gene emerged, known as OCA2, that began to cause changes in the amount of pigment produced.

The most incredible finding is that every blue-eyed person on earth today, is a direct descendant from one single individual who lived somewhere in Europe, 10,000 years ago! A finding was made, after a Stone Age man who was well-preserved, was discovered in Spain.

Upon examination, a gene named HERC2 was revealed to be the specific cause of blue eyes.  Testing showed this gene to occur in African as well as Scandinavian populations; the mixture of these vastly different genetic mixtures is believed to have produced the first blue-eyed mutation.

All blue-eyed people who have ever existed, are descendants of this first blue-eyed man!

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