What Does The Shape of Your Foot Reveal About Your Personality?

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When you are trying to get a read on a person their overall appearance and body language are what matter most. The face is usually the first thing we look at and whatever expression they wear can instantly reveal their mood, character, general state of mind, and things of that nature.

There are other parts of the body beyond the face that can give us a glimpse of someone’s personality, at least if you know how to read them! In fact, there’s all sorts of ways in which our physical attributes have been linked to specific personality types.

Everything from the color of our hair and eyes to the shape of our noses and nails has been matched up with our primary traits and characteristics. The most widely known and popular examples of this are phrenology and palmistry, but even our other extremity, the feet, can reveal a lot about who we are.

Often overlooked and underestimated, our own two feet are excellent physical-based personality indicators. The nerves and vessels in them are linked to every organ and part of our bodies, and that extends to even our nature and disposition. It’s the shape of our feet in particular that holds information about our lives and destinies, the way we make choices and decisions, and how we act, react, and behave in general.

As strange as foot reading may sound, it’s really just like palm reading but instead of looking at the hands you study the shape and length of your toes. Each toe-type has already been linked to different traits so if you wish to know what your foot shape says about your personality, take this simple quiz. The analysis has already been done for you so check out your feet and compare them to the pictures in the quiz labeled A, B, and C.

Type A is when all of your toes appear equally the same length.
Type B is when your second toe happens to be longer than your big toe.
Type C is when all of your toes descend neat and uniformly in length.

Your foot-type is whichever picture and description mentioned above matches your foot shape the best, so click on the image to read and find out more about it. On a final note, even if you feel a bit skeptical about foot reading, that’s fine because this is simply meant to be a fun and totally different way of digging deeper into your personality.

At the very least you can sit back and relax, take your shoes off, and enjoy!

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