Sneaky Cat Doesn’t Realize His Human Is Secretly Filming Him. Now Watch What He Does To The Chicken.

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Cats can be very sneaky and mischievous, especially when they are either feeling a little bored or hungry. When they’re feeling under-stimulated some will go to great lengths to have a good time and the same goes for when they’re tempted by a delicious smelling plate of food!

In fact, our adorable furry feline friends seem to love nothing more than sticking their wet pink noses into any and everything they come across. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to different meats, seafood, and other yummy tasty treats that cats love best. As any cat owner knows, if you aren’t careful around your plate, your cat will take notice of this and move in for a taste! Before you know it, kitty will be dragging off a piece of your dinner and they don’t care what type of food it may be. Some cats have been observed ganking everything from strips of bacon to pieces of carrots, broccoli, and even entire slices of pizza!

The black and white cat in this video is more brazen than most cats his age because he doesn’t care of his owner sees him eating food that’s not for him. When his human companion sat down at the dining table to eat some chicken he joined and settled in right beside him, to keep him company of course. Once his owner had finished eating, the not so sneaky kitty went straight to work.

At first the cat gingerly pawed at the half eaten chicken wing, it was as if he was testing the waters to see how far he could go and if his owner would react to his naughty behavior. When he was not stopped or admonished, the cat took it to the next level by grabbing the chicken bone in his mouth and dragging it down onto the chair!

Once he had it under his control, the black and white kitty tried to figure out how he was going to eat the darn thing. It appeared to be coated in some type of hot sauce, which is definitely not a feline’s favorite condiment, and the little meat that was left on the bone was tough to get at. Plus, there was another cat waiting under the table, biding his time and vying for the tasty treat as well. As the camera pans over we see the naughty cat’s orange and white sibling looking up wide-eyed and staring intently at the piece of chicken he just stole. These two mischievous cats are clearly up to no good, but at least they know what they want and go for it!

In the end, a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do. In this case it meant stealing a tasty piece of chicken from the table right in front of its owner. The hilarious clip is yet another great example of just how sassy and confident cats can be. This one could literally care less about getting caught doing something naughty, I guess it really is a cat’s world and we simply live in it!

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