Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift On January 6 2019

Get ready for the start of new beginnings as a new emotional cycle accompanied by a shift in energy is coming our way! That’s because this Sunday, January 6, 2019 the New Moon Solar Eclipse will be taking place in Capricorn. While the eclipse will only be visible over the skies of Alaska, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, The North Pacific and Russia, it’s effects will nevertheless be felt all over the globe and as long as weather permits we will be Streaming a Live Feed from the Sun Gazing Page So Everyone Can Enjoy! Solar eclipses and new moons alike mark both the end of one energy cycle and the beginning of a new one. This first Solar Eclipse of 2019 will mark the beginning of many major celestial events in this upcoming year..

This upcoming solar eclipse will effect more changes than usual because it falls in Capricorn just as it joins up with Saturn and Neptune, which will trigger an uptick in our emotional sensitivity. Capricorns are well known for being intuitive, wise, creative, emotionally sensitive, and the sign also happens to be ruled by the planet Saturn. As such, a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn will have a profound effect on our lives from a spiritual perspective, which is covered in more depth below.

On Sunday the solar eclipse taking place will be a partial solar eclipse which will be in between the planets Pluto and Saturn with Neptune contributing powerful energies as well. Solar eclipses can only take place during a new moon and when it’s lined up evenly with the sun and the Earth, which is called syzygy.

While the majority of us won’t be witnessing the incredible sight in person, we will nonetheless be feeling the effects from it in our own personal and profound way. For some the impact will be momentous and even life-altering, for others less so, only time will tell what the cosmos have in store for us all. Even so, here are some of the more widespread and influential ways in which the new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn may end up affecting us:

Many people will experience a series of new beginnings in their life. It will be a great time to start a new business project or relationship. New thought patterns, ideas and beliefs will begin to manifest as well. If you take it all in stride and adopt the open mantra ‘out with the old, in with the new’ then you can make the most out of these changes. For people who are starting new businesses this will an especially productive and good time to start.

This is also a great time for us all to be looking ahead and focusing on our hopes and dreams for the future. Think about what you hope to accomplish in the coming months, write it down, then go forth and make it happen! With Neptune dominating this eclipse, good fortune, luck, and prosperity are all highlighted. There’s no better time to manifest happiness and make your dreams a reality.

Some people will make valuable connections and enter into new partnerships with influential businesses and people. Relationships will feature centrally here, both personal and public types, and so long as you remain open to ideas and mutually supportive of your counterparts, things should turn out equally beneficial for everyone involved.

Many people will feel more touchy and emotionally sensitive than usual. Rather than this being negative, it will help them to turn inwards and become more self-aware of what they want and are capable of. With increased conscious awareness comes greater feelings of empathy, understanding, and compassion for others. They’ll be more relatable and willing to help others who may need it, which is always a wonderful trait to have.

Some people will finally begin to think positively and will learn to view the world around them in a more different, and highly meaningful, light. Perhaps they’ll discover a newfound purpose or develop a renewed sense of hope and joy within themselves. Whatever it may be, the positive vibes they end up radiating will extend naturally to others surrounding them. In turn, people will seek them out for advice and will love spending time with them.

There are many other subtle ways in which this Sunday’s solar eclipse may end up affecting you. While it varies widely from person to person, knowing what to generally expect from the shift can help keep you focused and grounded. Don’t fight the changes it’s ushering in, rather be one with the universe and flow with it. In the end you’ll be a better, stronger, and more balanced person for it, and who wouldn’t want that?! Watch the video below of the Solar Eclipse for what you can expect to see:

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