What Is Your Spiritual Name According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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They put a lot of thought and consideration into the process. After all, you’re going to be stuck with that name for the rest of your life and it will impact your future in countless untold ways.

We are also born with a spiritual name, but this is not given to us by anyone, rather it’s more of a reflection of ourselves and only with time can it be revealed. Both our birth names and spiritual names are rarely our own, instead we likely share them with thousands of other people. Even so, they are unique and distinctive to each of us in that they reflect our inner self and who we are. We grow into them and over time we become associated with the different attributes, traits, and meanings that are attached to them. Whether you are aware of it or not, oftentimes our names reflect our personalities, and vice versa.

In a similar vein, because our personas are linked to our names, especially our spiritual name, they can be examined and explored in a number of interesting ways. One such way is through our zodiac sign:

The systematic wisdom contained in the zodiac has been built upon since ancient times and for as long as people have kept written records. For thousands of years the world’s smartest people studied and added valuable findings, observations, and information to the field of astrology. They drew on nature and the heavens to answer life’s mysteries and questions, and were much more in tune with the basic interactions between the world and humankind than we are today.

It’s with this knowledge that we can use the zodiac signs to draw out our deeply seated thoughts, associations, and beliefs. That’s what this quiz aims to do in order to arrive at our spiritual names. If you want to figure out what your spiritual name is, work through it and see if the results reflect what you imaged it to be!

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