Take The Visual Psychopath Test and See If You Are Able To Pass

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We all feel a little psychotic every now and then, but could you possibly be an actual psychopath? This visual test will tell you exactly how mentally twisted your brain truly is!

A psychopath is someone who has a personality disorder marked by low inhibition and a near total lack of either empathy or sympathy for other people. These individuals often engage in behaviors which are antisocial in nature, they are quick to anger, and their rage may often end in violence. They tend to not think about the future or any of the possible implications of their words or actions. People with super aggressive personality types, and those who will do anything to get their way, often fall on the higher end of the psychopathic spectrum.

Perhaps the driving force behind many psychopaths is their ego as they are extremely selfish and narcissistic. They love themselves above anyone else and put their own interests first. Because of this, they often have warped views of love and affection towards other people.

There are several different diagnostic criteria used to determine whether an individual falls under the psychopath category, and to what degree. These tests look at either a person’s feelings, choices, actions, mindset, or a combination thereof, to see whether or not they display the baseline characteristics attributed to the personality type. This quiz uses one such psychological test to examine your degree of psychopathy. It looks at how you visually perceive abstract images so take a moment to work through it and see if you can pass. At the end it will reveal what percentage of a psychopath, if any, you are!

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