This Wife Was Sick Of Being Made Fun Of By Her Spouse. So She Got The Best Revenge When She Did THIS

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Emma’s husband continuously one-ups her in this video, and he is not shy to rub it in her face. He subtly, but very irritatingly, implies that she could be accomplishing basic life tasks more efficiently by utilizing technology. Instead of having their son color on paper, he could be coloring on an app on a tablet. The post it notes on the fridge could be kept organized by using digital notes on a device. Sudoku from the newspaper could be played on the touch screen.

He even goes on to complain about her printing documents from a desk top computer. When laying in bed, he condescendingly chuckles as she reads a book while he proudly thumbs an e-reader. Upon every insult, the wife tempestuously stares but replies only with silence to the offender. The wise women decides to make a point by proving to the man that electronics can not indeed be used for everything that one needs in life.

The husband is sitting on the toilet, presumably doing his number two business, when he goes to clean up and realizes that there is no toilet paper to get the job done. Emma had premeditated the event and at just the right moment she comes to the rescue. But, instead of handing over the good old tp, the witty lady slides his tablet under the door. On the screen is a picture of a big fluffy roll which the man can not use for his current situation. Maybe he’ll think twice before criticizing her after that trick!

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