What Type of Dragon Are You?

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Which type of dragon are you? There are forty six to choose from, but this quiz will only focus on the more obvious delineations. It is a well known fact that of the fourteen remaining types of the original forty six, only seven show the classic signs that often accompany your traditional dragon.

If we look deep enough into the writhing mists of of the ancient past, we will see the beginnings of what would become the most glorious mythical reptile ever to grace the collective mind of earth’s humanity. Come with me, if you will, on a journey to unknown lands, hitherto uncharted and as wild as the glorious Mithril lands of long lost, yet ever sought lore of the seven dragons of the seven kingdoms.

We know, thus far, that dragons are fearsome, yet intelligent creatures who are able at once to play the vicious protector and gentle parent of baby dragonlets. They raise their young for longer than nearly any other species, at least on earth. Even once adults, they are very social creatures who know the benefit of a good soiree.

There once was a dragon so renowned for throwing outrageous shindigs that he was talked about in certain social circles for nearly thirteen millennia. Of course, dragon high society is really no better than that of any other species, and one must be immune to gossip and backstabbing if one wants to spend any significant amount of time amongst the dragon haut monde.

See, even that phrase requires callouses to enable its stomaching. Might I recommend a more down-to-earth species?

What type of dragon are you? Let us know!

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