She Wakes Up Confused and All On a Park Bench But Then Sees a Handwritten Note Clasped In Her Left Hand

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27-year-old Ellie Farnfield never had bad health problems. She was actually a fitness instructor and was studying acupuncture in her free time. It’s safe to say that she was in the prime of her life. Or so she thought. Farnfield regularly commuted to work on the subway. One fateful day, Ellie stepped onto the train. At first, everything seemed normal.

She looked around and, upon seeing that there were no available seats, took a spot holding onto the rail. The doors closed and the train departed. As Ellie looked out the window of the car, she felt a little odd. Her mouth felt oddly dry and she suddenly had a craving for water.

Than, the headache kicked in. She felt a tension spread down from her head to her neck to her torso. As she tensed up, her arms started to tingle. Clutching the pole next to her, Ellie fought against the lightheadedness and nausea that followed. Ellie lost the battle and collapsed to the floor.

Much later, Ellie regained consciousness. Unsure of how much time had passed, she realized that she was on a bench. Ellie didn’t understand how she had gotten off the train. As she attempted to sit up, Ellie noticed a crumpled up piece of paper. She smoothed it out and realized that someone had left her a note. She read the note and discovered the full truth.

A man named Tom wrote that he had found her on the train. He took her off the train and got her to the bench she was sitting on. Using her phone, he called paramedics and close family members. He assured her that medical help was on the way. He also wrote that he had bought her a coffee and left her ten pounds for a taxi ride home. She looked to her left and saw exactly that.

Ellie later shared the whole story on facebook with the hopes that the mysterious “Tom” would reveal his identity to her. However, at least for now, the heroic stranger’s identity remains a mystery.

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