What’s Your Guardian Animal?

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What is your guardian animal? Are you guarded by the magnificent albeit sneaky puma, whom you never see but can always feel looking at you? Are you under the careful protection of a glorious eagle, whose sharp eyes keep you in focus no matter how far away you are?

Maybe a delicate walking stick is your tender guardian, living in your hair and eating snails for breakfast. No matter which animal guards over you, all will be told when you take this glamorous quiz and find out the secrets that have been kept from you for countless decades.

I once had a guardian animal. We went everywhere together, filling our days with rampant glories and fine feasts. We went to parties, wearing our most velvety garb and dancing like school children. Times were wondrous, with not even a single worry to ponder in the bright sun burning off the misty morn.

Whether we were eating brunch or swimming in untouched mountain lakes, colored cyan by the glacial silt that cooled the water, we were inseparable and no obstacle was insuperable. One day, while we were sitting in a pile of autumn leaves, we had a concurrent vision of a desert fox, who told us to follow his bushy tail to realize our greatest dreams and alleviate the worst of our tumultuous nightmares.

So we followed, not realizing what in hindsight we should have clearly seen, and the fox led us down a deep canyon. The further along we trudged, the darker it became, until finally the walls were so narrow, deep and tall we could not see the light of day.

There, in that canyon, the fox tricked my guardian creature and took it to the netherworlds, never to be seen by a mortal soul again. Not a day goes by that I don’t think fondly of our times together, and inevitably a single tear must be wiped from my cheek before my thoughts ramble on.

Take the quiz to find out what is your guardian animal! Tell us your results!

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