She Expected To See A Normal Baby On The Sonogram But She Was Stunned When She Saw THIS

Jimmy Kimmel is most popularly known for hosting his own late night show on ABC, and a lot of his success can be attributed to the hilarious pranks and pieces that he often does. Many of the featured bits have gone viral and some of the funniest ones involve his own family members. Perhaps one of the best pranks he has ever pulled off is the one involving a fake sonogram and his Aunt Chippy. This clip is priceless and full of over the top details that add up to make it an instant classic!

The whole idea came about when Micki, Kimmel’s cousin who also works at the show, was pregnant and due for a visit to her doctors office for a sonogram. Micki invited her mother along, Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy, who had never before seen a sonogram. With this in mind, the staff at the show created a fake sonogram and used a fake sonogram technician to help fool his aunt and capture her reaction on film.

The women were shown to the room and chatted about baby clothes while they waited to be seen. Dr. Lang, the fake tech, entered and got straight to work prepping Micki’s belly and starting up the machine. Up to this point, it all seemed normal and in line with what’s expected at this type of doctor appointment.

However, when the doctor begins the sonogram things start to get a little odd. With Jimmy and the baby’s dad, Cousin Sal, behind the scenes prompting her, Dr. Lang casually throws in a coupe of weird words and terms. She describes the baby as encased in carbonite and notes its flux capacitor is beating at a normal rate.

Then the view changes and Aunt Chippy is shown a full body shot of the baby. That’s when the baby starts doing some crazy stuff, at first it just claps, and then it picks its nose and eats it. From there the antics are upped and much to Aunt Chippy’s disbelief the baby flips them off. But the best part came after, when the baby stands up and starts doing jumping jacks!

Micki plays along perfectly and claims she can feel it, while Aunt Chippy looks on in amazement. Before she can process or make sense of the strange sight, another baby floats into view. Micki is having twins and the women can even hear the babies crying!! Aunt Chippy can only stare open mouthed in absolute shock at this point, then she notices that the twins look like Jimmy and Sal.

That was the cue for Jimmy and Cousin Sal to head in and reveal that the joke is on her. Aunt Chippy is both relieved and annoyed as she slaps the two pranksters, and remarks that she should have known. All of her reactions and comments were hilarious and spot on. If you want to laugh your butt off and see a really awesome, well done prank, check it out!

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