Does Your Cat Do The Head Bump All The Time? THIS Is The Strange and Surprising Reason Why.

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Cats have held important roles all throughout history and practically everyone knows how the ancient Egyptians worshiped them as sacred. Fewer people are aware of the fact that up until several hundred years ago there were no cats at all in North America.

It wasn’t until they were brought over from Europe to help manage with pest control that they were first introduced to this side of the Atlantic. In that short span of time felines have managed to win over our hearts and in the process, our homes.

Today they are the number one most popular pet animal with an estimated 88 million of them in the US alone. A 2014 Carroll University study found that 11.5% of people identify themselves as cat people yet 30.4% of US households own a cat.

The study found all sorts of interesting things about cat owners, they’re 11% more likely to be introverted and 17% more likely to have a graduate degree, but it failed to shed light on more pressing cat issues….like why they do the things they do!

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat does certain things, here are the top most common cat behaviors decoded and explained in human terminology. The accompanying video goes over them as well in greater detail, be sure to check it out so that when your cat displays them, you’ll know what kitty is saying or conveying:

Headbutting- Your cat is saying hello and likes you! When they bump their head against you it’s also called ‘bunting’ which is a friendly gesture and a common manner in which cats greet people. They do it when they feel safe and as a way to rub their scent glands on you, which is a compliment so be thankful. ย Don’t get too excited though because they also love to do it to the couch! ๐Ÿ™‚

Randomly sprinting to and fro- Your cat is trying to get in some exercise. Unlike dogs who get to go on long walks, domestic cats lack that luxury and basically have to walk themselves. They do that by bursting into a sudden ball of energy and running full speed across the house. Like most of the things cats do, they do it seemingly randomly whenever and wherever they want, but mostly when they’re feeling restless.

Spreading their legs- Your cat trusts you. An open legged position means that a cat is comfortable enough around you to fully submit and recognize that you’re in charge. Splaying their legs is a felines way of showing you vulnerability in the most vulnerable way they possibly can.

Sticking their behind in your face- Your cat wants to get to know you. When they back their rears up to your face it may seem offensive to you, butt it’s anything butt that! It’s actually kitty saying ‘hey what’s up’ to you because cats communicate mainly via scent and it turns out that butt sniffing is their main way of greeting one another.

Shake their booty before pouncing- Your cat is balancing itself. The booty quaking is adorable, funny, and a major part of why we love cats so much, but it’s actually part of a larger movement they’re doing to help balance themselves. To find equal footing a cat wiggles and part of that motion involves the entire leg and foot, which is what we end up seeing.

Kneading you like dough- Your cat is thinking back to their baby kitten days when they fed from their mother. This instinct is very strong in cats and while it’s original purpose, to get more milk from their mother’s breast, is no longer warranted, they do it anyways. Often it’s a sign of comfort and relaxation and

Laying on your stuff- Your cat wants attention. When you stare at your laptop all day long, your cat notices and when they want your attention they will sit right on it, front and center. Kitty’s don’t always need their human’s attention but when they feel the urge they always get what they want. It’s a simple as that.

Ignoring food in front of them, then eating random stuff- Your cat isn’t hungry or can’t see the food. Cats are grazers and will eat whenever they’re hungry. If you give them food at a time when they are not yet hungry, they won’t eat it. Also, they can’t see anything directly in front of their face because they’re near sighted. Anything within a foot is out of focus.

Burying their poops- Your cat is protecting itself. In an evolutionary, instinctual sense, a cat burying its number two is done to avoid other predators from getting a whiff of it and becoming alerted to their presence. In multi-cat households, they also cover it up to avoid offending other more dominant cats. However, when they fail to bury their doo-doo it can mean they’re possibly angry at you or offended by something you did.

Sleeping a lot- Your cat is normal. On average cats live 12-15 years and spend 70% of their lives asleep. Kittens need more sleep than adult cats because that’s how they get big and strong, when they’re asleep their bodies release growth hormones.

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