She Places White Vinegar and Alcohol Inside Her Ear For 60 Seconds a Day. The Reason Is Brilliant!

No one wants either that clogged feeling of earwax nor the grossness of it being visible.  It’s commonly thought of as dirt that needs to be removed, when in fact, earwax is actually produced by your body to protect the inner ear from things in the environment that can adversely affect it.  In actuality earwax acts as a barrier from real dirt, bacteria, and other potential environmental intrusions.

Not only does earwax serve this health-maintaining function for the inner ear, but it normally gets rid of excess wax naturally.  Despite this fact, many of us are bothered by that gooky feeling of excess wax, and go for the Q-tips to dig it out.  In the video you are about to watch below, Dr.David Hill discusses earwax, and the best ways to clean it when it builds up and is bothersome.

He explains why using Q-tips is the very worst thing you can do when trying to clean your ears.  As he discusses in greater detail, Q-tips push the earwax deeper into the canal and can cause some serious damage.

He makes some healthier suggestions for the safe cleaning of our ears, including a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol.  For exact proportions and some other suggestions, follow his sensible and healthy suggestions, so that you don’t actually cause some serious damage to your inner ears.

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