These Two Girls Start To Make Fun of This Girl. But Watch What He Takes Out Of His Bag.

Bullying has been around for generations and generations.  In the case of children bullying other kids, you usually see this instinct stronger in children who have been abused or feel powerless in some way in their homes.  However, with the anonymity provided by the internet, kids and adults whom you would never think of being capable of bullying, express their anger in a vicious way that they would never do when face to face!

Whether bullying occurs in the schoolyard or on the internet, we who see it occurring need to stand up for the victims of this cruel behavior, that can cause a lifetime of psychological damage and even suicide!  It is estimated that nearly 70% of kids either experience bullying or witness it’s occurrence on a regular basis.  This translates into millions of kids going to school in a state of fear daily!

Doing something about this isn’t just a question of teaching kids to stand up for requires adults stepping in to do what is required to teach life lessons, that will prevent further bullying.  The video you are about to watch below highlights the dangers of bullying and the importance of anyone stepping in to stop it, when they witness it occurring to a stranger on the street or when teachers and parents are informed of it happening in or outside of school.

Every child deserves to grow up without paralyzing fear of being a chronic victim of bullying!  When we ignore this destructive behavior we become part of the problem, instead of the solution.  So if you ever see someone being bullied remember this video.

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