2 Sisters Are Prepping A Turkey Ready. But They Are Stunned When They Find THIS Inside!

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Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and the day is traditionally centered around a huge feast of tasty foods and drinks. People go all out for the holiday and all sorts of special desserts, pies, and sides are whipped up to accompany the main dish, a big round turkey breast.

Families come together in the kitchen to prepare the big meal, tables are set, and once the turkey’s thermometer has popped and the bird is pulled out of the oven, it’s time to eat! Many families have a designated bird carver, who is the person in charge of slicing up the turkey and doling out the meat.

However, as is with all things tradition, that role gets passed along to the next in line, along with secret recipes and other special cooking duties. One family decided to switch up their Thanksgiving routine and mom and dad came up with a plan to inject a little humor into the pre-dinner process, with a prank!

Naturally, the parents wanted to catch the memorable moment on video and record their unsuspecting kids reactions, so they innocently started filming as one of their daughters began to prepare part of the meal. The daughter, Raquel, was digging some stuffing out of the turkey and idly chatting with her mom, who was behind the camera directing her.

It all seemed fine and normal, but little did Raquel know about what laid in wait deep down inside the oven fresh bird. Suddenly, she came upon something completely unexpected and freaky…a tiny bird was tucked away deep down inside the larger turkey!

The strange discovery proved to be quite upsetting and she immediately started to cry, in both disbelief and sadness at the thought of having just roast a pregnant bird and it’s baby. It seems that in her state of shock and upset Raquel forgot, or failed to realize, the fact that turkeys lay eggs and cannot get pregnant.

That makes her parents prank all the more hilarious and one things for sure, next Thanksgiving mom and dad better watch out.

If I were her I’d want to get a little payback, and maybe turn pranks on other family members into a new Thanksgiving tradition.

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