6 Natural and Effective Ways To Get Rid of Acne Scars Quickly.

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As if the torture of acne isn’t awful enough, being left with disfiguring scars for months or years after the acne clears up, is insult to injury!  The good news that many people aren’t aware of, is that rather than spending thousands of dollars on painful lasers, nature has provided remedies that REALLY WORK to heal the damaged tissue caused by acne!

“Home Remedies for Life” and “BeautyHealthPlus.org” have published several of the following remedies; the first one incorporates a tablespoon of CINNAMON POWDER and ORGANIC HONEY that when mixed together creates a paste that is very effective in healing acne scars.  The cinnamon acts as an antioxidant and mild abrasive that when mixed with honey (a natural moisturizer and antioxidant) heals the skin cells damaged from the bacteria from acne.  When applied daily for 10 minutes, it will not only eradicate unsightly scars, but will also rid the skin of the discoloration of the scarring.

BAKING SODA mixed with DISTILLED WATER in a 5:1 ratio to form a paste, also acts as an excellent MILD ABRASIVE to rid the face of dead skin cells, allowing for healthy ones to grow in their place.  When applied 3X per week to acne scars and left to dry before rinsing, it will restore the skin, over time, to it’s smooth texture.  OLIVE OIL, which is rich in Vitamins E and C, speeds up the process of healing scars, as well.

In the VIDEO you are about to watch below, LEMON JUICE (containing Vitamin C, a potent ANTIOXIDANT), ORGANIC HONEY and COFFEE SCRUBS are discussed.  She shows you before and after pix, and illustrates how to use these natural remedies, in effectively healing acne scars.

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