Their Kids Grew Out Of Their Cribs But Instead Of Throwing Them Out They Transformed Them Into THIS

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When we have our first child, we find out just how expensive things are that are critical for a baby’s safety, comfort and stimulation.  Amongst the most expensive things, are those engineered to keep children safe; car seats, strollers and CRIBS are definitely up there.  These expensive items can be passed down to other children, but are ultimately time-limited.

Cribs can be really beautiful pieces of our kid’s necessities, that we hate to let go of.   The video that you are about to watch below has put together 28 incredibly creative and esthetically appealing ways to repurpose your baby’s crib.  Brought to you by BEAUTIFUL DIY, you will get to see a compilation of how some people chose to reinvent the crib!

Honestly, I had to watch this footage twice, as it was such a delight to see reinvention at it’s best.  Our children’s cribs hold many of the most treasured memories that we have, so it makes sense that holding on to them in a new form would be a choice many would make, if given the opportunity.

It is a wonderful way to keep those memories alive.  Let us know which redesign stood out for you.

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