3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Your Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Without Pills or Surgery

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Pain that involves the SCIATIC NERVE, which begins at the lower back and extends down the leg, is a condition known as SCIATICA. However, as you will see in the explanation provided by Dr. Guevara in the video you are about to watch below, Sciatica isn’t a diagnosis. It is actually a symptom caused by lower back pain, that is usually caused by three different conditions: a HERNIATED DISC, SPINAL STENOSIS or PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME.

According to “Spine-Health” there are also certain lifestyle factors that can contribute to sciatic pain, such as: PREGNANCY; a MUSCLE SPASM in your back or buttocks often caused by RUNNING; BEING OVERWEIGHT; WEARING HIGH HEELS; NOT EXERCISING REGULARLY, or SLEEPING on an UNSUPPORTIVE MATTRESS.

As Dr. Guevara goes through his discussion, he delineates when you will feel SYMPTOMS that may vary, consisting of PAIN: in the LOWER BACK, BUTTOCKS or LEG, HIP, BURNING or NUMBNESS DOWN the LEG etc. He explains, that symptoms which come from each of the underlying conditions causing the sciatica, will be felt during different motions. For instance, Sciatic pain from a HERNIATED DISC will often be felt when: bending, sneezing, coughing or lifting heavy objects. Pain caused by PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME is usually felt when sitting, running or walking. SPINAL STENOSIS is usually found in people over the age of 5o; they will feel pain when standing up straight, walking, and standing up after sitting.

He illustrates appropriate stretching exercises that are enormously helpful in alleviating symptoms for each of these underlying conditions. It is extremely important for the source of your sciatic pain to be medically evaluated, before you progress with any form of treatment.

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