3 Surprising and Unexpected Reasons You Need To Stop Taking a Shower Every Day According To Doctors!

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Showering or bathing every day is a cultural phenomenon, which as it turns out is not only unnecessary, but can actually be harmful to your health.  Clearly, the industries that promote products used for bathing are invested in marketing, that makes you believe it is gross not to shower daily.

In truth, while a shower or bath has the appeal of being psychologically pleasing, making you feel more attractive to others and being relaxing, it actually puts you more at harm for drying out your skin and leaving you open to infections.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below from BuzzFeed, reports that studies have shown that one or two showers per week is enough with regular activity!  Science as well as dermatologists warn that bathing more than that (unless you are filthy) can cause health problems.

1. Dr. Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist who was quoted in an article in “Essence” that showering daily DRIES OUT YOUR SKIN, hair and nails, which strips the skin of healthy bacteria that in turn weakens your immune system.

2. Unless you work out breaking a huge sweat daily, or have a job that is extremely physically demanding causing you to sweat for many hours, you can get by with using a cleaning wipe or washcloth to clean the areas of your body listed in the VIDEO below that require daily maintenance.  Daily use of soap, according to Dr. Casey Carlos in an article on “today.com”, strips the skin of valuable oils that will ultimately AGE YOUR SKIN PREMATURELY.

3. The BuzzFeed VIDEO you are about to watch, has interviewed two dermatologists, who explain that daily showering “Creates SMALL CRACKS IN THE SKIN” which WASH AWAY GOOD BACTERIA, leaving the body vulnerable to INFECTION.

The video goes on to discuss the UNNECESSARY WASTING OF WATER and AVOIDING VERY HOT WATER WHEN YOU DO SHOWER.  It is further recommended by “WebMD” that when you do shower, a maximum of 10 MINUTES should be spent SHOWERING to avoid losing the valuable oils in your skin.

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