This 4 Year Old Kid Calls 911 For A Hilarious Reason. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

A four year old boy was having trouble figuring out how to do his math work.  After struggling with the problems he figured he would try and get some help.  He went to the phone and dialed up the only number he knew that was associated with helping people when they needed it most, 911. The operator answered and asked the standard question of what was the matter, to which the boy responded, “with my math.”  After some understandable initial confusion, the operator figured out that the young boy needed help with his math work, specifically takeaways.

A very innocent and patient conversation between the two then followed.  The boy gave the operator some equations to work out and like any good teacher the operator tried to make him work through it first, without just giving him the answer.

Finally, the boys mother noticed he was chatting on the phone and asked him what he was doing.  He told her “the policeman is helping me with my math” and in an exasperated tone she replied “what did I tell you about going on the phone?”  The operator chuckled and told someone nearby that the mother was now there.  The boy innocently explains to his mother that she told him if he ever needed help to call someone.

He has a point, and may just get out of trouble, at least this time around.  The conversation ends with the mother saying she didn’t mean he should call the police.  All mom needs to do now is explain to her son how his actions are wrong, that the police and dialing 911 are for emergencies only, and not a way to get math help.

Perhaps she should get him some math help hotline numbers to have on hand for any future assistance he may need.  Either way, the adorable call was probably a nice break from the sad emergency calls the operator is used to answering and likely made his day.

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