Can You Find The 6 Hidden Words In This Gardening Scene?

Take a break from all of the boring, overly serious, or depressing things you’re bombarded with daily and instead feed your brain a fun distraction with this G-rated hidden word picture search. It’s one of the most recent mentally stimulating puzzles courtesy of Playbuzz, and so far it has proven to be quite a challenge for many people!

The cartoon drawing below features a family of four gardening together on a lovely day. Dad is hauling a wheelbarrow full of orange pumpkins, mom just picked up a bushel of cucumbers her daughter picked, and their son is plucking ripe red tomatoes fresh off the vine.

An ineffective scarecrow looks on in the background with a red bird perched on the brim of its hat. Somewhere in the picture is a total of six words that have all been strategically concealed in the drawing. Each of the hidden words relates in one way or another to the happy family gardening scene, can you spot them all?

This is a great diversion that can keep you busy for a minute or two but it could potentially end up taking a lot longer because it really all depends on how fast you pick up the words and whether or not you try hard and focus. See if it takes you ten seconds or ten minutes to solve the puzzle and find all 6 words!

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