This Woman Places Vodka On A Cotton Swab Then Rubs It On Her Face. The Reason? I Had No Idea!

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Vodka is the king of all hard alcohol spirits. It’s by far the number one best selling, and most consumed, hard alcohol beverage in the world. People love the spirit because it mixes well in cocktails and is widely available at a number of different price points.

A bottle of cheap vodka can be had for much less than $10, whereas some ultra premium brands and are extremely expensive and run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. The clear liquid is not only versatile in all of the ways that it can be mixed and consumed, it can be further utilized in a variety of ways that don’t require any drinking at all.

This comes down to the fact that at its most basic form vodka is mainly just water and ethanol, which is produced by fermentation and then it’s distilled. The distillation process serves to remove any impurities or dilutions that may be present. Afterwards, what you end up with is alcohol in the vodka that’s pure and ideal for doing a number of things.

Below are some vodka hacks that can make your life easier. One alternative vodka use is for cleaning things around the house. Apply a splash of it to a soft cloth and then rub it on eye or sun glasses to give them a streak-free, clean finish.

All you have to do is gently rub the lenses until the dirt, smudges, and grease are gone and you’re done. Vodka is also perfect for cleaning shaving razors and preventing them from rusting. Simply pour some vodka in a cup and soak the razor blade in it, this will also disinfect the blades.

An age old, yet not widely known, secret for keeping cut flowers looking fresh for longer is to mix in a dash of the spirit with water in the vase. Flower bouquets will appear healthy for much longer, so long as you keep changing the water and vodka every few days. Also, to keep your skin and face looking fresh, try using some vodka as an astringent.

Apply it with a cotton ball onto your face to help clean up any acne or zits and to reduce the appearance of pores. Another health and beauty use for vodka is that it can make dull hair appear shinier. Add a few drops of vodka in with your shampoo and then wash and rinse as usual.

When your hair dries you should notice that it looks healthier and shinier. Finally, vodka foot soaks can kill any bacteria on stinky feet and leave them smelling neutral. The alcohol in the spirit is strong enough to kill the bacteria, which are causing the smell, and if you don’t have time to soak your feet you can also rub them down with vodka to clean them quickly.

The above uses are just a few of the many alternative ways that vodka can be utilized around the house and in beauty routines. If you have a bottle collecting dust, or the next time you happen to have one laying around unused, try using it in a non-traditional manner. Or, fix yourself a cocktail, relax, and cheers!

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