This Guy Places A Bottle Into His Toilet Tank. The Reason Why Is Brilliant!

I never knew saving money around the house would be this easy. The following video brought to you by Household Hackers cover 7 incredible tricks that will help save you ton of money at your house. They cover everything from dead batteries in your tv controller to saving money on your water bill. Almost everything covered in this video can be done with stuff you already have around the house.

You will learn how to vacuum seal your food using just water. How to use a screw as a battery replacement.  Reducing your water bill significantly.  Cutting your internet bill in half.  Make your very own DIY homemade Febreze.  Also, making a natural eco-friendly household cleaner.  Finally reducing your electric/power bill by a ton!

This video is really impressive.  So get a pen and paper and start taking notes. It’s time to save money with all these awesome life hacks and tricks. I can’t wait to start implementing these right away! Enjoy the video below. Will you be trying these household life hacks? Let us know.

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