8 Signs and Symptoms You Have Poor Circulation and Peripheral Artery Disease, and Don’t Know It.

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Do you have fatigue, cramping or pain in your legs after a relatively short time of walking? If so, you could be suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease, commonly known as PAD. If you do have these symptoms, you are actually lucky, because according to “The American Heart Association” people who have PAD often have no symptoms.

Misdiagnosis or no diagnosis of PAD, a NARROWING of the peripheral ARTERIES to the LEGS, STOMACH, ARMS and HEAD, is common when you are asymptomatic or your symptoms are confused with some other condition. The CAUSE of this is ATHEROSCLEROSIS, most commonly found in the LEGS, results in narrowing and resultant blockage of blood flow to the area. This BLOCKAGE will put you at a significantly increased RISK for a HEART ATTACK or STROKE.

As you will hear from Dr. Yassa, in the video below that you are about to watch, there are ways to avoid misdiagnose or no diagnosis of this disease that can ultimately become LIFE THREATENING.

Common Causes:

1) High Blood Pressure
2) High Cholesterol
3) Being Overweight
4) Inactivity

Having Diabetes can increase the severity of PAD.

Dr. Yassa goes on to discuss in greater detail the SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OF PAD:

1) Leg Pain when moving, that recedes when you stop 2) Leg Cramps in the Calf that feel like a Spasm 3) Burning 4) Numbness 5) Feet are colder than other areas of the body 6) Hair loss on Legs 7) Shiny Skin 8) In the later stages POORLY HEALED WOUNDS ON THE FEET

In the footage below Dr. Yassa discusses the way doctors properly DIAGNOSE PAD, and identify exactly where the blockage is through various imaging tests. TREATMENT and PREVENTION are further discussed.

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