8-Year-Old Kid Went Missing and Disappeared For 7 Months. But Then a Hiker Accidentally Stumbles Upon an UNTHINKABLE Clue!

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Today’s story begins in a small town in Arizona. Vicki was 8 years old at the time. On a fateful September day, she arrived home from school. She asked her mother if she could bike to a nearby mailbox to send a letter to her aunt.

Now, while this might seem like a small request for many, for Vicki’s mother this was a very big deal indeed. She was a strict mother and always made sure that her children never traveled alone. For some reason, on this particular day, she was feeling a little more relaxed. She decided it couldn’t hurt and gave Vicki permission. Vicki never came home.

After a little while, her mom noticed that Vicki had not returned. She sent her daughter Stephanie to investigate. Stephanie soon returned with the news that she had only found Vicki’s bike abandoned a couple blocks away. They immediately called the police. 

As the news spread, eyewitnesses began to come forward. Multiple people had spotted a dark van around Vicki’s school that day. Others claimed they saw the same car much later with a child inside. A teacher had written down the license plate and reported it to the police.

After running the license plate, the police identified a possible suspect: Frank Jarvis Atwood. He had a history of kidnapping and child molestation charges. At the time of the current investigation, Atwood was living in California on parole. They quickly located the man and brought him in for interrogation. After examining his car, police discovered traces of paint from Vicki’s bike on the front of Atwood’s car.

While he was arrested for suspicion of kidnapping, no one ever knew what really happened to her. A hiker eventually found a skull in the desert that turned out to be hers. The rest of her body was missing either from animal disturbance or a more chilling fate.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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