Watch Mama Cat Protect Her Kitten From Huge Dog.

Never underestimate how fiercely a mama cat will protect her kittens.  A man in Thailand is taking a walk with his very large dog, when he sees a little kitten with it’s mother.  The dog is on a leash, and the man lets him saunter over, thinking it would be ok for them to play?!  Well that clearly wasn’t happening!

This dog is at least ten times the size of the kitten, so I’m not quite sure what he was thinking. Apparently the mama cat had the same thought I did.  She literally flew into action to protect her little kitty.  According to the video description in Thai, “they just met the kitten by chance and thought the dog would play with the kitten, that’s why he laughed at first not realizing the dog may have been too aggressive.”

Whether the dog just wanted to play or whether he might have hurt the kitten, is something that we will never know. This mama cat’s protective instincts took charge, as she let the dog know in no uncertain terms that her kitty wasn’t available for his exploration.  Never mess with a mama cat!!

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