A Giant Storm Brought Down This Big Tree. This Guy Slices Into It But Moments Later The Unthinkable Occurs!

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Pretty much everyone at one point or another has had to deal with a tree that fell do to a storm or just died of natural causes. Sometimes they are on our property other times they are on the streets and worst of all sometimes they can fall and come crashing into our homes or apartments.

Getting rid of a downed tree is really not an easy job and most times you need to call in the big guns and get a profession to take care of the fallen tree. In the video below, it looks as if a tree has fallen over in somebody backyard, obliterating the families trampoline, and leaving a giant mess to clean up.

The man who is called in to take care of the job appears to be quite handy and professional with a chainsaw. At first everything was running completely smooth as he sliced into the fallen tree slice by slice. It was all fine and dandy until the guy somehow forgot about the laws of physics and nature.

Because all the branches of the tree were removed first, the tree trunk of the fallen tree didn’t have enough weight to balance evenly against the mass of the roots.

Suddenly the worst possible thing occurs as the magic tree unexpectedly rises from the dead and comes back to life! Luckily no one was hurt and they all had a good hardy laugh.  But this could easily have become a dangerous and potentially fatal situation!

If you ever find yourself in the position where you need to clear a tree from your property, just make sure you really know what you are doing.  If not bring in the professionals let them do their thing and spend the extra money to get the job done right.

Watch the video below. You will not believe your eyes, it is truly mind blowing to watch this in real time! Enjoy the Magic Tree!

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