This Parrot Discovers a Paper Towel Laying On The Ground. How He Reacts is HILARIOUS!

If you are a parent or have taken care of little children, you know that going out and buying tons of toys, simply isn’t necessary when they are quite young.  They can be kept occupied for hours with a pot and wooden spoon,  the cardboard tube left over from a paper towel, or the best is an empty cardboard box!  Kids are so imaginative and can become enthralled and creative with the simplest of objects.

Well, it seems that Parrots have this same childlike ability.  Perhaps the smartest species of birds that exist, Parrots’ abilities have captivated human beings interest for many years.  Particularly fascinating, is their ability to imitate human speech.   With a concerted effort at training, they seem to have boundless abilities at learning tricks, due to their outstanding memories and capacity for recall.

All this being said, in the video you are about to watch below, a parrot named Little Bird exhibits some moves that required no training at all.  We get to watch this adorable little guy enjoying the simple joys of playing… as creatively as a young child with a cardboard box.   Little Bird’s antics, with a simple piece of paper towel, is both hilarious and adorable.  First you will feel yourself smiling, before you start laughing out loud…I’ve watched this 4 times and just can’t stop GIGGLING even though I know what’s coming.  Watching Little Bird in action, could be the greatest antidepressant yet!  Honestly, he could take this little routine on the road…he gives a whole new meaning to the word CUTE and the phrase “Ahhhh the simple joys of life”!

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